Design and Technology

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Design and Technology is a subject that provides students with the resources required to develop a wide range of skills that are relevant to all aspects of school and adult life. The subject has a two focus areas that students can elect to work in. These are: Product Design and Food Technology.

The purpose of Design is to help students to:-

  • Be creative and Innovative in their thinking and solutions.
  • Be able to work independently, support others and work in teams
  • Promote visual and aesthetic awareness in their ideas.
  • Communicate effectively to others using a wide variety of techniques
  • Use specialist ICT resources to support designing and making
  • Make high quality 2D and 3D outcomes in a wide variety of media and materials
  • Develop the skills to determine the direction of their work
  • Recognise the need to challenge and extend themselves.
  • Be aware of the impact and responsibility a designer has on the environment.

Design education at Westwood is a rewarding experience, where the aim for all students is to be confident in applying their skills, have the desire to achieve success and be proud of the work they do so that in leaving Westwood they are capable, adaptable and successful members of society.

Curricular offering: Work within the department is designed to complement, contribute to and support the aims of the school. The Design and Technology curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences and activities to meet the needs of individual pupils. Academically we provide a GCSE programme in Years 10 & 11 where on average 80% of the cohort will opt to work in this area and the examination results are excellent. In the Sixth Form we offer both GCE A Level and AS Product Design.  We are able to produce a wide range of highly successful design work and examination results.

Beyond the classroom: As part of the extensive extra curricular programme offered by the College, Design and Technology provides supervised access to subject specific resources during lunchtimes and after school every day.

GCSE Course Outline pdf document

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