OCR GCSE Geography B

Course Structure

Assessment will involve traditional style examinations on key geographical themes as well as a sustainable decision making exercise based on a resource booklet. This component will develop real-life skills relevant to future decision making. Topics studied include natural hazards, population and migration, the economic environment and rivers and coasts. The content of the course is selected so that it tackles ‘big’ issues such as environmental responsibility, global interdependence and cultural understanding and tolerance.


75% External Examination 25% Controlled Assessment

Additional opportunities

Students will take part in fieldwork and research activities in order to complete coursework.

Skills Developed

The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next 50 years than it has ever done before. Geography explains why, and helps to prepare you for these changes. Geography is a subject that enables students to make sense of their environment and how people interact within it. It can provide the knowledge, skills and understanding essential for experiences in adult life.

Progression Routes

The transferable skills which Geography fosters in are an asset in the complex world of employment today. Geography is about the future and encourages flexible thinking. It complements subjects within both science and humanities and opens up a wide range of career options.

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Mr D Lawton

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