OCR GCSE Schools History Project

Course Structure

Major topics included are: Crime and Punishment over time and Germany 1918-1945

The external examination consists of two papers, one on Crime and Punishment and Germany and a source analysis on the Crime and Punishment topic.

Coursework is based around the study of an aspect of Modern History e.g. Civil Rights in the USA.


75% External Examination 25% Controlled Assessment

Additional opportunities

The lessons are very interactive in that you are encouraged to develop your own ideas and communicate them to others. We use a range of different resources to help learning, including DVDs and on line resources. There will be lots of opportunities for role play and debate.

Skills Developed

The topics you study will give you the change to explore the significance of historical events and changes. Most importantly you will get to study real people – what motivated them and what they thought and felt. You will develop a range of crucial skills including research, source evaluation and verbal and written communication.

Progression Routes

The great thing about History is that it works well with a wide range of other subjects, because the skills you learn in History transfer very well, like evaluating evidence and constructing arguments. History is a very useful subject for a huge range of careers because it teaches you vital skills that universities and employers want.

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Mr D Morgan

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