Creative Arts


Edexcel GCSE Music

Course Structure

You will learn how to compose music and extend your skills in performance. You will study set works which cover a wide range of musical styles, through which you will develop understanding of how and why people create music. Lessons will be both practical (composing and performing) and theory-based (listening and learning about set works). You will learn how to use computer software and recording equipment to create your own music.


60% Controlled Assessment (performance and composition)

40% External Assessment (listening/written exam)

Additional opportunities

Beyond Music lessons you may become involved in extra-curricular activities including orchestra, vocal group, the annual show and other performance events. You could also form your own band, using the Music Department’s facilities for rehearsals.

Skills Developed

Study of Music develops a wealth of skills including: creativity; project-management; attention to detail; forming and expressing opinions; group-work; independent study; practising and refining; presentation skills; building confidence; interpersonal skills; listening and analysing.

Progression Routes

GCSE Music prepares you for a range of further study as it develops such a wide variety of skills. Following GCSE study students can progress onto Level 3 courses in Music and Music Technology.

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Miss S Burns

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