Creative Arts


Edexcel GCSE Drama

Course Structure

Students develop their skills as actors/directors/designers through exploration of a variety of stimulus materials. Topics vary and could include Crime and Punishment, Sweeney Todd, Hear My Voice, Mogadishu. Students complete written coursework following the practical modules which is marked by the teacher. The final exam performance takes place in May and is performed before an external examiner.


60% Coursework (practical and written) 40% Exam Performance

Additional opportunities

Students are encouraged to attend a variety of live theatre performances as part of the course.   They may also like to perform in the major school production in November which will polish their performance and production skills.

Skills Developed

Drama students develop their performance skills; their ability to analyse text; to create original drama material, to engage an audience and work effectively in groups.

Progression Routes

GCSE Drama provides a logical route to A Level Drama and Theatre Studies which is taught at Westwood. Students could move on to a Drama related University course and career e.g. Acting; Stage Management; Drama Teaching; Directing; or use their A-Level as a part of a broad package of qualifications.

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Mrs S Hansell

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