Religious Education

Religious Studies, Philosophy, Ethics



OCR GCSE Religious Studies B: Philosophy and Applied Ethics

Course Structure

There are eight topics of study.

Four of the subjects study philosophical themes:

The Afterlife                                        Good and Evil
Science and Religion                           Beliefs in Deity

Four of the subjects study Ethical themes.

Medical Ethics                                      Peace, war and Justice
Poverty and Wealth                            Religion and Equality


100% External Examination – no coursework requirement

Additional opportunities

In lessons you will be encouraged to explore your own ideas and opinions on the philosophical and ethical themes listed above. As part of the course, you will consider and debate some of our most important cultural questions. The department’s aim is that you will have a developed understanding of the world around you.

Skills Developed

You will develop a range of useful skills including research, source evaluation and verbal and written communication.

Progression Routes

GCSE Religion, Philosophy and Ethics prepares you for a range of further study, particularly where there is a demand for abstract thought and an appreciation of viewpoints that may be different to your own. Many of our students continue on to study A Level Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology and Psychology.

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Mr D McLellan

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