OCR Gateway Syllabus B

Course Structure

All students will follow a CORE syllabus in Year 9 culminating in an Easter Exam. From there, a few students will follow TRIPLE Science and gain 3 GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The majority will follow Double Science and gain 2 GCSEs in Science and Additional Science. A few will follow BTEC Science. This course does cover aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


25% practical assessment and 75% written assessment.

BTEC – 75% portfolio and 25% exam

Additional opportunities

Lessons will involve a variety of learning activities with an emphasis on practical skills. Students will apply their understanding to the real world.

Skills Developed

You will develop reasoning, application, practical skills, and mathematical techniques and improve all your communication skills.

Progression Routes

GCSE courses can lead to a variety of future studies including A- Levels in Science, providing a minimum standard is reached.

A BTEC course allows for progression along a vocational pathway.

For more information

Mrs A Dennison

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