International Links

We are living in a world which is becoming increasingly global, deeply affected by modern advances in technology and increasingly smaller from the point of view of work and communication. It is essential that members of our College are exposed to the contemporary challenges and to quickening globalisation, so that they are informed, active and responsible citizens.

We want all members of the College to feel comfortable with and to respect people and cultures different to their own. They should be able to confidently and competently communicate and empathise with people from other countries and cultures and to understand their way of life and attitudes without prejudice and misconception. Recognition of our interdependence is crucial – an appreciation of the interrelationship between people, places, economies and environments across the planet.

We also want members of the College to recognise their collective and individual role in sustainable development. We aim to encourage members of the College to view themselves as global citizens in a multi-cultural world and to encourage them to make contact with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We also want members of our College to gain a deeper understanding of issues related to human rights and promotion of global harmony.

The objectives of our international work are:

  • To strengthen the global dimension in the College’s curriculum and pastoral programmes, including the organisation of cross curriculum global theme weeks/days.
  • To retain the International College Award as a way to recognise the work that we have done to integrate global issues and international awareness into the curriculum.
  • To strengthen existing links and develop new learning partnerships with institutions from across the globe e.g. Comenius Project
  • To provide opportunities for staff and students to travel to different countries and gain firsthand experience of different cultures and languages,
  • To actively encourage the study of foreign languages for all our students by offering a range of appropriate language options.
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues through joint projects and to raise awareness and appreciation of worldwide environmental issues.
  • To provide opportunities for staff professional development linked to the global dimension e.g. through comparing different educational systems and approaches to teaching and learning.
  • To recognise and promote our global links through displays around the College, the College newsletter and links with the local media.

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