New York

Each year, Westwood Sixth students make the journey to the ‘Big Apple’ for a cultural visit. The trip aims to give students an experience of their life in the one of the world’s most famous city, to see the sights, visit the museums, and soak up the unique atmosphere. Our itinerary is packed with all of the major sights. We view the awesome scenery from the top of the Empire State Building, cross Brooklyn Bridge and spend time in Central Park. We are also fortunate enough to visit the Ground Zero Memorial Site and reflect on the events of 9/11. Our other favourite destinations include: Times Square, The Natural History Museum and Grand Central Station which proves buildings can be beautiful as well as practical. Trip leader Dan Owen commented: ‘The amazing sights, sounds smells and tastes of New York never tire, each year we visit things change and there are now sights to see. Each year we search out the little obscure things that make a memorable difference to the visit, not just the big things New York has to offer, but quirky off the beaten track experiences.” View photos from the past visits in our gallery below.

New York Gallery 2012
New York Gallery 2013

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