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Have you ever wanted to have a piece of your work formally published?  Two of our Year 13 Archaeology students have achieved that feat with the project work they presented as part of their A2 Archaeology assessment.  Fran Roberts (13WS .) and Emily Tabernor (13WS..) produced ‘personal investigation’ articles of such quality that the writers of the ‘Archaeology Course Book’ have decided to present them, in a summarised format, in the Fourth Edition of their book, which is scheduled for publication and  release in 2012.  The girls received commendation for their work from Sam Gorin, principal moderator for the AQA Exam Board.  Fran, whose work on the visible alterations to the architecture of St Luke’s Church, Endon, was congratulated for ‘deploying archaeological illustrative techniques on a par with those presented by professional archaeologists with years of experience in the craft of illustrated reconstructive archaeology’.  Emily investigated the efficiency of wattle and daub walling, constructing wall-panels of varying material in the grounds of the College, and monitoring the effects of weathering over a full year.  Her work was commended for its ‘practicality and experimental excellence’.  Cate Knowles, responsible for the Personal Investigation work of the Yr 13 Archaeology students, notes the pride of the department in having two students with published works.  Look out for ‘The Archaeology Course Book’ (fourth edition) by Gorin, Fleming and Grant, published by Routledge, which will soon be appearing on the shelves of the Learning Resource Centre!  A signed copy might be worth a bit in a few years’ time!

 And what of this year’s Yr 13 Archaeology students?  Articles on ‘The defensive efficiency of Beeston Castle’, and ‘Gravestone evidence of the Roman attitude to death’ might offer further scope for future publication!

Further information on the Archaeology A Level course is available from Mr McLellan and Ms Knowles.

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