News - Art and Design visit to London

On 15 October, 37 Westwood College Sixth Form students travelled to London to undertake an Art and Design trip.  Following a very early start, the group arrived at  Trafalgar Square and visited the National Gallery.  Despite industrial action, the students were able to experience first-hand the work of classic masters such as Rubens and Holbein.

Next, expertly led by Mr Rushton, the group negotiated their way through central London, stopping to photograph images of frantic London-life, such as the new London buses designed by Thomas Heatherwick Studio (those responsible for the Olympic Torch). These images will provide the starting point for a photographic montage.

Students were then treated to a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum which boasts to be The World’s Greatest Museum of Art and Design.  Students were impressed by the sheer number and variety of pieces, from Samurai armour to original work by Anna Atkins, whom the photographers have recently been studying.

Late evening, the party arrived back at Westwood College after a successful and engaging trip. They were understandably tired, but enjoyed experiencing the buzz and excitement of our busy capital city, for some of our students, this was their first visit.

 Well done to all for a very successful trip.

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