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Annual Art Exhibition  June 2012.

The exhibition focuses upon the student’s success for their coursework and exam work at both GCSE and Advanced Level from the current academic year.

The exhibition of artwork is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of hundreds of students engaging in the Visual Arts as part of the curriculum.

The College has a well-earned reputation for the standard of work in the Visual Arts, building upon the excellent work of the Leek Pyramid.

Students have responded to the examination question papers with inventive and creative solutions. The work demonstrates the confidence of both the students and the department. It has a broad range of subject matter, all highly challenging and rewarding. Traditional strengths in painting, drawing, textiles and mixed media are developed as students explore and express themselves in three-dimensional forms, creating contemporary outcomes.

The exhibition is centred in the art department at New Hall and continues throughout the entrance and surrounding corridors. The exhibition opens 27th June 2012, from 7pm and continues in a reduced format throughout the rest of the term. Visitors are welcome.

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