News - Attendance Policy and Penalty Notices

Dear Parent / Carer

As you may be aware, the Local Authority has recently made changes to its Code of Conduct for issuing Penalty Notices. The Federation’s Attendance Policy has now been amended to incorporate these changes.

The main changes made are:

Penalty Notice for leave of absence

  • Removing the requirement for attendance to be below 87% before a Penalty Notice can be issued.
  • Clarifying that a parent can now receive more than one Penalty Notice per academic year.
  • Confirming that ten sessions of unauthorised absence do not have to be consecutive and only two sessions have to be for unauthorised leave of absence
  • Confirming that the period for calculating the ten sessions will be based on the previous three school terms

Penalty Notice for persistent absence

  • Parents will now only receive one warning notice period for improvement in attendance in a single academic year. If attendance deteriorates again then no further formal warning notice will be issued and the Local Authority can automatically consider other statutory actions if unauthorised absence re-occurs.

The new Attendance Policy is available on the school website at:

Yours sincerely

Mr R Hey


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