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Year 13 Berlin Visit 4th– 7th Feb 2012 by Chloe McDonald WS8.

Having wrapped up in multiple layers and ridiculous amounts of leggings, all of us, suitably dressed were ready to go outside and enjoy the wonderful sights of Berlin. In a group dominated by females, Mr Spragg our German teacher and Stephen Whitehouse, 13WS6, were left to fend for themselves against 13 girls including Mme Durand, when the supposedly short stroll   turned into an hour long walk.

In order to keep our strength up during the trip many of enjoyed many German delicacies such as curry wurst and Brotkartofel.

The sights we visited included the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Allied Museum, Höheschönhausen (the Stasi Prison) and the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Elyse Dawson, 13WS4, said of the trip “I really enjoyed myself and it gave me the opportunity to extend my use of the German language. Amy Williams, 13WS6, added “it was a great opportunity to travel with such fantastic staff and fellow students.”

Overall the trip was a success giving many of us a better grasp of German history from 1945 to 1961, which is the topic we study in our A2 course.


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