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pic 2As part of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Chemistry Week 2013, Westwood College students took part in a variety of engaging and fun-filled activities during the week.

 Sixth form students took part in “The Global Experiment”, undertaking an investigation into the various vitamin C contents of different apples from different parts of the world over two days to discover how much difference it does make if our food is not produced locally and the effects this can have on our health.

Students were able to upload their data to the RSC website and share data with chemists throughout the world. Putting, Westwood College and Leek on the worldwide map of results. Results were also shared via twitter to be able to compare to other schools and begin a trend across the globe. The RSC even mentioned Westwood College in their Twitter summary of the event.

There were also various puzzles and quizzes which could be entered by any student for a chance to win numerous chemistry prizes to encourage all to take part in all the excitement that builds to promote more students to see the importance of Chemistry for the future and the opportunities for chemical research.

Chemistry Week and the Global Experiment was a large success and not only taught us vital skills Pic 1but also allowed us to see the practical uses of Chemistry in an entertaining and fun way, just how chemistry should be.

Harriet Fowler Year 12.

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