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CIPFAOn Wednesday, 7 of our Year 12 students took part in the Management games held at Staffordshire University by CIPFA (Public Finance). They acted as Directors of a fictitious town council in the Midlands, competing against 5 other teams taking place from Sixth Forms in North Staffs. Their task was to cut their council spending by £10m, choosing from options including closure of care homes, switching off street lighting or taking away lollipop wardens.

They presented their proposal as a written report and a formal presentation to CIPFA volunteers CIPFA 2who took their role play incredibly seriously! As in real life, they were interrupted by a number of tasks (such as an unhappy but influential local MP or an angry Trade Union rep) which had to be dealt with immediately by attending meetings, writing emails or issuing press releases.

All Westwood students pulled together and worked really hard during the day, taking away from the experience an insight into the world of public finance, but also a real understanding of how management can face daily pressure of making key decisions under tight timescales, changing targets and at times, fierce opposition. Helena Furness also won special recognition for her contribution during the day. Well done to all who took part!


Pictured (L – R) Ben Dale, Sam Pickthorne, Joe Porter, Helena Furness, Kelly Porter, Chelsea Buxton and Lauren Kay.





Mrs K Percival

Head of Business Studies

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