News - Westwood Welcomes Debate Club

Written by Anna Parker, Year 11 student.

Tuesday 1st March saw the first meeting of Westwood College’s newly-founded debate club! The club welcomes students from any year group  and we will be discussing contemporary issues and controversial topics such as immigration and political correctness. It is a great opportunity for students to build confidence in public speaking and gain experience in a formal debate setting.

Our first debate debated the motion  “This house believes we should we reintroduce capital punishment.” Two students represented each side of the argument and the other members of the club took full part as the  audience and challenged members of the panel in  the style of TV’s Question Time. After  an hour’s debate and a passionate speech against the death penalty given by Adam Cowdy, there was a clear consensus and the team opposing capital punishment had won. Since then, we have debated topics such as the legalisation of marijuana and the popular feminist campaign Free The Nipple. Upcoming debates will feature  topics such as the ethics of beauty pageants and political correctness vs comedy.

On the 10th May we welcomed ex pupil and Campaign Coordinator for Vote Leave in the Staffordshire Moorlands and Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Joe Porter. With a turnout of around over 60 students and teachers and a very lively debate as to whether or not Britain should leave the EU, it was a very successful event and we hope in the future we are able to include more appearances from members of the wider community and take part in inter-college debates.

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