News - Dragon’s Den at Westwood College

Enterprise 2The Dragon’s Den came to Westwood College recently in an event which involved all   Year 9 students spending a full day exploring business ideas as part of their Enterprise Challenge Days.

On both days, the College welcomed real ‘dragons’ from the local area who shared their expertise with the students. Each brought different business experience with them, including a manager from the Richmond Care Group, the owner of Monty’s chip shop, an ex-head teacher, the office manager from Westwood First School, a sales executive from NCR and a senior IT project manager.

The day began with students finding their ideal team role which they would adopt duringEnterprise 4 the course of the challenge. Teams were then presented with the ‘Tenner’ challenge: starting with only £10, make as much money as possible in one month. Helped and encouraged at every stage by their ‘dragons’, students researched their idea before creating a business proposal, logo, poster and a website article. The challenge also entailed forecasting likely costs and pricing, together with a prediction of the problems they may encounter. Finally, teams had to decide how to make use of any profit made, with most teams putting towards a charitable cause.

At the end of the day, each team entered the ‘Dragon’s Den’ to pitch their idea to two of the enterprise 3dragons.  Student ideas were impressive in their originality, including sales of different snacks and drinks, home-made jewellery, a shoe-shine stand and recycled paper firelighters. Over the next few weeks, the winning teams will put their ideas into practice in and around the College.

The event was a great success, thanks to the energy and creativity of the students and the commitment and enthusiasm of all visiting dragons.

Mrs Karen Percival

Head of Business Studies

Westwood College, Leek

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