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Dragons Den at Westwood College

The Dragons Den came to Westwood College on Monday and Tuesday of this week! 200 year 9 students spent a day exploring business ideas as part of their Enterprise Challenge Days.

On both days, the College welcomed real ‘dragons’, representatives from local businesses including Britannia  & Cooperative, Adams Foods, Brough Park Leisure, Croda Chemicals, Buckinghams Nursery and Westwood First School, who shared their business expertise with the students.

The day began with students finding their ideal team role which they would adopt during the course of the challenge. Teams were then presented with the task of developing an original idea to promote the college. Helped and encouraged at every stage by their ‘dragons’, students researched their proposal before creating models or illustrations of their product. The challenge also entailed forecasting likely costs and pricing, together with a prediction of the problems they may encounter.

At the end of the day, each team entered the ‘Dragons Den’ to pitch their idea to two of the dragons.  Student designs were impressive in their originality, with project ideas ranging from edible crayons and stationery to the more ambitious building of a school swimming pool.

Final votes were cast, winning teams announced and certificates presented.  Surprisingly, the winning teams from both days had similar visions, proposing charity wrist bands or memory bracelets. The following morning, winners had the opportunity to present their ideas to the College’s senior management who will decide if these ideas can be put into practice in the future.

The event was a real success, thanks to the energy and creativity of the students and the commitment and enthusiasm of all visiting dragons.

Mrs Karen Percival

Head of Business Studies

Westwood College, Leek


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