News - Examinations period has ended

EXAMS ARE OVER! Examinations have ended

 With the last exam papers for the Summer series 2015 checked, packed up and dispatched we thought you would like a few facts and figures from the Exams Office.

Westwood College students completed 4360 papers over 31 days of exams.

Tuesday 2nd June was our busiest morning – we had 14 invigilators and used seven rooms to monitor you while you sat your English exam.

Monday 15th June was a busy clash day involving 20 students who had to be kept apart from other candidates. Some sat three exams all in one day! 175 papers were completed. Summer 2013 still holds the clash day record when 435 papers were sent off.

The fees to enter you for these exams was almost £111,000.

Our very experienced team of 15 external invigilators reported that your behaviour and conduct was the best that they had ever experienced. All of them commented that the vast majority of you came into the exam hall with appropriate equipment. This was a noticeable improvement on previous years.

Did you know that of the candidates in the last exam 18% were left handed and 27% wore glasses?

As you can see it’s a huge team effort to get everyone in the right place at the right time sitting the right paper.

Thank you for your part in making Summer Series 2015 a success and we hope that all your hard work is reflected in your results.





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