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German Exchange

In March Mr Spragg accompanied 19 Year 10 German students to Walldorf in south west Germany for the first stage of this year’s German Exchange. Students spent seven days staying with host families in and around Walldorf, enabling them to experience everyday life in a German family. With their host partners our students spent time in lessons at school, visited the nearby city of Heidelberg and spent a day in the beautiful city of Munich, touring the city’s impressive sights and soaking up the unique Bavarian culture.

The weather was splendid the entire week, enabling us to get out and about as much as possible. Our students spent the Saturday and Sunday with their host families, exploring the local area and further afield, including the Black Forest and Speyer, one of Germany’s oldest and most architecturally impressive cities.

As usual the host teachers planned and impeccably organised and varied programme for our students and we look forward to welcoming our friends to Westwood and to Leek at the end of June.

Mr Spragg would also like to thank Mrs Quipp, the former bursar at Westwood for having accompanied the group to Germany.


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