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The History Department held its annual Politicians Question Time on September 22nd.  Students from Years 11, 12 and 13 were invited to take part in the debate which was chaired by Mr Wallinger.   There were four panellists, including our own MP Karen Brady – representing the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP.  They faced a range of challenging questions from the audience on a range of local, national and international issues and the debate between the politicians was certainly lively!  The main topic of the debate centred on education policies, particularly the issue of Student tuition fees.  And our own students were very willing to express their views during the debate too.  Once again, this serves as an excellent opportunity for students to develop their interest in and awareness of issues that concern us all.  It may not be too long before the students in the audience get the chance to exercise their vote.

 “The annual Westwood College Student Question Time is one of the most challenging events of the year.  The students put such a really wide range of questions and we get no warning in advance of what they will ask. We certainly have to be clued up on global and national events, but that’s what makes it such an interesting event. And what’s even more challenging, not only can they ask me anything but then the students are able to reply to our answers and let us know whether they are happy with what we’ve said so there is no chance for complacency.

I’m always pleased to come to Westwood. The fact that the College invites politicians in gives the students a great chance to make their voices heard but also shows how interested they are in the world around them.  Hopefully they learn a little bit more about the democratic process too, but the nature of the questions is a credit to them and the school.” Karen Bradley M.P

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