News - Keele University Medical School careers day.

On Wednesday 11 March, 12 students from Years 12 and 10, who are considering Medicine as an occupation, were accompanied by Mrs Baker to a Keele University Medical School Keele 2careers day.

The Year 12 students who benefitted from an insight into medical theory and practice were Ruby Morel, Dave Kay, Matt Tunnicliff, Will Meehan, Lucy Bagshaw, Issy Hinton and Callum Dermott, the Year 10 students were Matthew Cheung, Helen Frewer, Jenny Escott, Emily Escott and Emily Cooke.

The University delivered lectures during the morning exploring topics such as the reasons why students choose a career in Medicine and career pathways, selecting an appropriate university Medical school, entry requirements and interview techniques.  Whilst the students were engaged in these lectures, Mrs Baker attended a lecture on how to best support students interested in applying for Medicine with regards to work experience, academic qualifications and application form Keele 1completion.

During the afternoon, the session composed of a selection of laboratory workshops, the Keele 3topics being  the spread of infectious diseases and the diagnosis of medical conditions through chemical testing of urine.


The group visited the dissection room where they interacted with university medical staff, practising GPs and surgeons and, most importantly, current undergraduate medical students to gain a more in-depth understanding of the courses on offer and to ask pertinent questions.  In addition, the group observed a wide range of teaching, discussed anatomical models and were shown real dissected organs.

Thank you to Keele University who accommodated Westwood students and delivered an enlightening, enjoyable agenda which will support informed future career decisions.

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