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Year 13 visit to London December 2011

In December, 35 History students visited London, accompanied by Mr Wallinger, Mr Morgan and Mrs McFadden.  One of the main purposes of the trip was to visit the Public Record Office at Kew Gardens, to look at primary source material relevant to the students’ Personal Study, which accounts for 40% of their A2 grade.  They were also given a talk about primary evidence relating to the English Civil War, which is the focus topic for their other A2 module.  The students found the visit to the Public Record Office very interesting and the chance to investigate primary source material, turned up some very interesting and relevant evidence.  For example one student is studying the significance of the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial.  She discovered evidence of petitions sent by British people at the time to the government, protesting about the unfairness of the trials on those in the dock.

On the first day, students had a very interesting tour of the House of Commons and got to meet our MP, Karen Bradley, who kindly gave up her time to answer questions about the life of an MP.  In the afternoon, we visited the National Portrait Gallery and Covent Garden. 

It was a fascinating and very enjoyable visit and at the same time, the programme was extremely relevant to the students’ A Level studies

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