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Memorial Textile Piece in honour of Mrs Dorothy Barr

Dorothy Barr was an inspirational person and the consummate professional.  She was an inspiration to countless generations of students and to the many staff that came into contact with her. Her enthusiasm for her subject, and her desire to impart her knowledge to young people, made her the role model for a generation of staff at Westwood College. 

Dorothy had endless patience and this was at the core of her ability to inspire students who were not really engaged with the educational process. She was insistent, and persistent, in her belief that each student was capable of maximising their potential. It was her strength of belief in their capabilities that encouraged so many young people to continue to study Art and to achieve their maximum in her subject. Dorothy’s belief in them would often change that young person’s attitude to their life chances; many students would attest to the impact that Dorothy had upon their attainment and, indeed, general self-esteem. 

Dorothy bore testimony to my own belief that age is irrelevant to one’s ability to sustain a high quality of performance in one’s chosen profession. She was a unique individual and she is already sadly missed by the people whose lives she touched.

 Keith Hollins

 Executive Principal

Westwood College

  Memorial Textile Piece

We have high expectations for a large number of contributions to the textile piece and would urge all past students and friends to do this small 4” piece for amalgamation into a huge hanging to go in Westwood College New Hall, where Jane spent nearly all her working life.

Her students attained remarkable levels of success in their examinations at GCSE and A level, often starting from a point of low confidence and self-esteem.

Jane had the knack of drawing out the best in everybody and several past students, who had no interest or desire to study Art, have finished up as practising Artists and Teachers. It is her gift to all these individuals that we would ask to be returned through their creation of a small piece of work to be part of this huge tribute to Jane’s life and work.

If you can’t get to Westwood to collect your fabric pack, we can post one to you, alternatively, please contact the College by email and we can send you an image of the colour scheme which you can follow as closely as you can.  A stable light grey cotton backing is needed. Your work can be as free as you wish, in reflection of your memories.

 The overall design of the hanging will be supervised by Alice Kettle and will be flanked by a piece of work from Alice herself and Shelly Goldsmith and will be hung in Westwood College’s New Hall hall.

 If you need an image of the leopard print Jane Clowes can email it to you?


Alan Barr

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