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On Friday May 17th 2013, Michael Gove MP, the Education Minister, met with the Headteachers of the schools in the Leek Education Partnership. The meeting was arranged by Karen Bradley who is the MP for Leek.

The Leek Education Partnership (LEP) is a group of ten schools in the Leek area that have a formal legal agreement to work together in order to improve learning and standards in the schools, resulting in improving outcomes for young people in the Staffordshire Moorlands. In September 2013 eight schools from the Moorlands Rural Education Partnerhip (MREP) will be joining LEP increasing the size of LEP to eighteen schools. The schools will work together to


  • work collaboratively and strategically to secure a high quality education for all young people in Leek and the surrounding area;
  • improve the quality of education for young people in Participating Schools;
  • raise standards of achievement by focussing on the core business of learning and teaching;
  • deliver a skills based curriculum that is tailored to individual learning needs;
  • promote the spiritual, moral, emotional and cultural development of every young person attending one of the Participating Schools;
  • provide opportunities for economies of scale through commissioning of services and purchasing of resources;
  • share expertise, best practice and resources to ensure best value for money
  •  strengthen curriculum links to support the on-going improvement of curriculum delivery and high standards;
  • exploit fully opportunities for collaborative Continuing Professional Development to enable effective sharing of best practice and value for money;
  • share best practice between governing bodies to support most effective governance;
  •  identify needs and best practice through the confidential sharing of data and information;
  •  develop highly effective leadership at all levels and pushing strategic capacity


At the same time Mr Gove was interested in discussing the development of The Leek Federation Multi Academy Trust. The Leek Federation is a Hard Federation of three schools (Churnet View Middle School, Leek High School and Westwood College)) that share one Governing Body. The three schools are in the process of converting to academy status by setting up one Trust that will oversee the strategic direction of the three schools. The key driving force behind this proposal, to convert the three schools to a Multi Academy Trust, is to improve the quality of educational provision. Some examples of ways in which we will support improvements to learning are:


  •   Transition between stages and schools will be further improved
  •   Schools can develop a range of clear and consistent policies and procedures for a range of educational activities such as assessment, learning and teaching, quality control, classroom management
  •  Improved cooperation will allow for greater sharing of good practice, teaching expertise, management  and the reaching of joint solutions to individual problems; it will build capacity
  • Schools do not enjoy the benefits of equally good facilities: strengthened partnership will enable us to more readily share our facilities and improve the educational opportunities of our youngsters.
  • Curriculum planning can become much more flexible across the three schools
  • Extracurricular activities can be enhanced as facilities and costs can be shared  – a trip that is not viable for one school becomes viable if two or more are involved
  • ·            There will be an improved capacity to recruit and retain the best staff.  By planning across the MAT we can recruit more effectively and offer improved career progression. This will enable us to retain our best staff and offer training that might otherwise be unaffordable
  • Protocols can be established ensuring that there is ‘joined –up thinking’ around holidays, training sessions, whole school events and transition
  • There is an opportunity for the schools in the MAT to become a centre of excellence for learning and teaching
  •  We will be able to have a consistent approach to the delivery of Care, Guidance and Support
  • It will create a single learning community that will improve educational outcomes and strengthen the consistency of education for the whole community

 Mr Gove met with the Heads of twelve of the schools engaged in the development of the partnership and a good discussion took place about the benefits of schools working collaboratively together to improve outcomes for young people.


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