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During February, a group of 40 Sixth Form students from Leek, accompanied by five members of staff, travelled to New York City to appreciate life in ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Previously an annual trip for students from the Westwood College Sixth Form, this is the first time the trip has taken place across the Federation, students from both Leek High and Westwood College uniting to share this wonderful cultural visit.

New York

The group journeyed from museums to movie locations, explored famous sights and hidden treasures, the itinerary ensured an exhilarating student experience.  Panoramic and breath taking views from the pinnacle of one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the constant buzz of activity rushing through each street, mouthwatering fragrances sweeping through China Town and Little Italy and an opportunity to sample an array of tempting delights at every stop, the visit taking place during one of New York’s longest and coldest winters to date.

Trip organizer Dan Owen said: “This is the eighth year that this trip has been taken and it is fantastic to be able to extend this opportunity to more young people in Leek, offering it across the Federation.”

“One of the highlights of the trip for me was making our way over the Brooklyn Bridge. We made it to the centre of the Bridge just in time to turn around and watch the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline; the Statue of Liberty silhouetted perfectly against the setting sun. Luckily for me we had a number of budding young photographers in the group- I can’t wait to see some of the shots that they have taken.”

“Something that I always find very poignant is the visit to the Ground Zero memorial site. The students often find this site a very emotional place and it really helps to put the tragedy into perspective for a lot of people who may have been too young to really understand what was going on when it happened.”

New York 2

“I would like to thank Katie Ackerley, Gill Baker, Tom Edwards and Janet Stoddard for all of their help running the trip and I am already looking at how we can make next year’s visit even better!”

The success of this visit has already generated much interest amongst current Year 12 students who are eagerly anticipating next year’s trip, where sixty students travel across the Atlantic to experience ‘The Big Apple’ for themselves.


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