News - Swaziland Updates

Students have embarked on their trip to Swaziland this morning, and we will be posting updates as to what they have been up to in this post. Please check back regularly to see what new adventures they have been part of.


  • 18th July:
    • Everyone has arrived at the boarding gate ready to set off. They have even spotted Ryan Giggs and the new Manchester United Manager at the airport!
  • 19th July:
    • Both teams arrived at Egypt last night, who were very much looking forward to sleep! They have arrived at a ‘bright but chilly’ Joberg this morning; awaiting transport to Swaziland.

    20th July:

    • Team 1 are just about to embark on a trek, and as such will not have any phone signal for a few days.
    • Team 2 (Year 13) have arrived at their second camp, which is in a beautiful picturesque location. They are ready to start a project at the school tomorrow, and everyone is happy and healthy.

    24th July:

    • Team 1 have left their school in South Africato and heading back into Swaziland. They had an amazing local dance choir and traditional African dance by the students to welcome them. Everyone is fine, and excited for the next project; the painting of a mural. They report that phone reception is bad where they are staying.
    • Team 2 have arrived at the Hlane Safari, and have finished the school project. They are sat by a waterhole looking at a Hippo! They are waiting to go on a sunset safari, as well as a sunrise safari the next morning at 6am.
  • 26th July:
    • Team 2 have arrived safely at the main phase of the trip. They found the safari to be amazing. They are staying at the trekking headquarters campsite tonight and then trekking and camping at wild camps for two more nights. They will be back at the HQ on Tuesday night where they are having a meal cooked for them before heading back on Wednesday.
  • 30th July:
    • Both groups have had a lovely meal together last night, and are ready to start travelling back today. They are going to visit the FNB football stadium in Joannesburg on their way back.
  • 31st July:
    • Everyone has arrived at Cairo airport this morning, all ready to head home for some home comforts! They report that the airplane has been slightly delayed, and may be arrived into Manchester an hour later.

Please be aware, mobile reception coverage is not guaranteed in the areas that the students will be staying, so please do not be alarmed if there is some time between updates.

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