News - Westwood College indoor rowing competition success

Westwood College Year 9 students took part in a rowing event held at Endon High School Rowing 2on 05 May.  Students competed in an individual four minute row and a team relay.

In the time trial, Westwood took the top three places: Meg Poole gained first position with a distance of 976m, Meg Johnson second with 951m and Issy Phillips-Bland achieving third with 939m.

Rowing 1Molly Riley rowed 934m, Charley Wood, 932m, Victoria Humphreys, 862m, Poppy Hinton, 857m, Ellie White, 855m and Sophie Pointon, 852m, all achieving notable positions.

The girls  subsequently competed in the final: Charley Wood was the eventual winner attaining an outstanding distance of 944m, second was Molly Riley with 919m and Meg Johnson, third with 917m.

In the boys’ individual event, Westwood again clinched the top three places: Tom Egerton Rowing 4achieved first position with a distance of 1063m, Joe Wood second with 999m and John Daly third with 994m. In addition, Archie Bettany came a commendable fifth with 924m.

Significantly, in the team relay, Westwood achieved first place in both the girls’ and boys’ events, the girls also gaining second place.

Westwood students are to be congratulated on their outstanding performance.

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