News - Westwood College Key Stage 4 Results: August 2016

Westwood College Key Stage 4 Results: August 2016

Westwood has a long standing reputation for producing successful students who achieve well.

Against a background of concerns nationally about increased thresholds for GCSE achievement and the introduction of new specifications next year, our students have produced some really strong performances. The pass rate for students achieving 5 or more A*-C grades (or equivalent) was 97% and for 5 including English and Maths it was 59%. 99% of Year 11 gained 5 or more A*-G grades or equivalent. Performance by students studying Level 2 Vocational courses has been outstanding with over 98% achieving Level 2 passes and nearly 44% at either Merit or Distinction. This level of performance has significantly improved the options our students have for their options post-16.

From this year onwards schools will be compared on a wider range of measures than previously and the English Baccalaureate becomes more significant when discussing school performance. This is a measure of the proportion of students who successfully achieve GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths, Science, a foreign language and either History or Geography. This year 32% of Westwood students achieved this particular combination of qualifications compared to a national figure last year of 24%.

A number of individual performances have been truly outstanding with over twenty students achieving at least seven A* or A grades or their equivalent. The following can be particularly pleased with their high levels of performance (the number in brackets indicates the number of A/A* grades, or their equivalent):

Tilly Bartholomew (3,4) Jude Beech (0,8)

Callum Bell (4,4) Emilia Braddon (9,2)

Rebecca Clews (4,3) Emily Cook (9,2)

Ella Cope (4,5) Elisabeth De Gale (2,6)

Lauren Deaville  (10,1)

Liam Edwards-Lamarche (4,4) Emily Escott (9,2) Jenny Escott (7,4)  Helen Frewer (7,3)

Tilly Griffiths (9,2) Ruth Hares (4,5)

Owen Massey (1,6)

Libby Nicholls (8,3) Anna Parker (4,5)

Kuki Pickford (2,5) Jenni Scotchford (7,3)

Laura Wain (1,6) Oliver Watson (1,8)

William Wilson (1,8)

In addition two GCSE Additional Maths students; Callum Bell and Emily Cook gained the highest possible recognition with the extremely rare A*Distinction grade, making them nationally significant results.

There have been impressive successes across the year group and many have the right to feel proud of their achievements. Senior Learning Mentors would particularly like to praise: Ed Bourne, Demi Bradburn, James Eyre, Meg Foreman, Jordie Goodwin, Tom Hobson, Kieran Millward, Rebecca Patalong, Tanesha Simpson, Molly Skupien, Airidas Tautvydas and Beth Tylman.

Students, families and staff can all take pride in these results. These achievements are the results of high quality teaching and learning, the high expectations we have of young people and the tremendous support of their parents. The majority of students will now go on to further success in the Westwood Sixth Form. To everyone concerned – our most sincere congratulations.

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