News - Westwood College students fly to Swaziland

On the 18 July, 27 students and four staff from Westwood College will embark on a World Challenge visit to Swaziland in South Africa.

Students have raised nearly £2000 each for this two week experience of a lifetime in a variety of ways including a sponsored row on Rudyard Lake, baking cup cakes, bag packing and numerous other activities.

The group will fly to Johannesburg via Cairo and head off on a five hour bus journey to Swaziland.  During the following days, they will trek and camp in the Malolotja Nature Reserve, visit the Hlane Royal National park on safari,  spending four days volunteering at a nursery and private school which accommodates local children from a range of difficult and deprived circumstances.

In addition, students will visit a secondary school in South Africa where they will be building educational links and encouraging future joint activities. Finally, as part of the return journey, the group will visit the World Cup FNB stadium in the heart of Soweto, Johannesburg.

Students will be carrying accommodation and kitchen resources in their rucksacks in the form of a tent and trangia for the entire trip. They will view the vast open areas of arid landscape, experience a variety of living conditions and, hopefully, see some of Africa’s iconic wildlife including the endangered black and white rhino.

Trip organiser John Coe said “All the students are thoroughly excited about the visit and have worked hard to raise the funds required. Swaziland is a world away from Leek and I hope this adventure gives the students the confidence and ability to visit other destinations around the world and be more appreciative of their future, family and friends when they return”.

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