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London 2012

The Challenge

Westwood College had various challenges set for the staff and students to be involved in as part of their build up for the Olympics, these consisted of strength, reactions and accuracy tests as well as the students competing for their house in an Olympic Quiz and Mini sports day.

In the reactions tests the best scores came from Louis Ollier in the ‘Blue Block’ challenge, Eleanor Mountford in the ‘Sheep dash’  and George Wheel in the ‘Traffic Lights’ challenge.

In the accuracy challenges the winning students were Joe Hulme in the tennis, though beaten by Mr Khan, Tate Walker in the Throw – beaten only by Miss Adams and Sam Wainwright in the football.

The strength challenges saw Paul Wintle getting the best distance in the medicine ball throw, Emma Smith recording the best step up score in 1minute and Jack Mallen rowing the furthest in 30seconds.

Sixth form winners were: Rosie Mayer, Dave Sheldon, Mark Northcot, Eden Gibson and Dan Turner. Staff success, and some cheating on occasions, was seen from Mr Hey, Miss Adams, Mr Khan, Mr Turnball, Mr Lawton and Mr Oliver.

The Olympic Quiz had both picture round and questions based on the Olympics and the winning tutor group was D4, Miss Oakden’s.

The mini sports day had events such as a sack race, egg and spoon race and a welly wang with the best year 9 team being L6, Mr Leese’s , and the best year 10 has not been finalised yet as we have been held back by the weather.

The final event was the London 2012 challenge which asked all staff and students to join in with tennis, football, Wii Just Dance or a walk for 20minutes and 12seconds on World Sports Day.

The PE department would like to thank all the staff and students who got involved in any way and the organising committee of James Buxton, Dan Turner, Ryan Abberley and Matt Kirby as well as Emily Bagshaw, Lydia Whittiker and Jade Hambleton.

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