News - Westwood Sixth Examination Results – August 2016

Strong results yet again secure exciting opportunities.

As one of Staffordshire’s top performing Sixth Forms we have become used to our students doing well, and we are really pleased to report that this year’s students have again done themselves proud. Against a background of reduced opportunities to re-sit modules and close scrutiny of exam boards to uphold standards, Westwood students have maintained strong levels of performance.

Across the board students have applied themselves with determination and perseverance and with the commitment and inspiration of their teachers and support and patience of their families they have been rewarded with some superb results.

With 52% of all Level 3 examination entries returning a grade of A*, A or B (72% A*-C), Westwood students performed at levels that allow them access to all the top universities. Particularly pleasing was performance in some of the so called “facilitating” subjects with over half of all entries in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, German and both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. This success is shared in some of the creative subjects with over 60% of entries in both Art, Design and Photography either A*, A or B and across all subjects a record number of 28 A* grades were awarded.

We take pride in being an inclusive College and at all levels of ability our students can celebrate results of which they can be really proud.

The results for our Level 3 Vocational courses were outstanding with a pass rate of 100% and in both Health and Social Care and Business 90% of the students gained at least a distinction grade. The following students achieved two distinction stars or better; Sophie Dale, Holly Krzysica, Jessica Mellor, Lucy Mellor, Annie Potts, Olivia Shanahan, Luke Simpson, Natalie Thompson (with an A* in A level Photography), Nathan Tomkinson, Kaitlin Trueman, Anna Wilson and Bryony Woolley.


This year a record number of students have achieved at least 2 A grades at A2 Level and particular congratulations go to the following students; Samantha Alcock (2A*, A, B) Megan Bailey (2A, B) Cavon Blanchard (2A, B, C) Daisy Cooper (2A, C) Mark Cooper (2A*, 2A) Adam Cowdy (2A, B)     Callum Dale (2A*, A) Dan Deaville (2A*, A, B)  Rob Dennison (2A*, 2A) Jessica Dow (A*, A, B)     Rupert Eardley (3A) Candice Griffiths (3A*, B) Alex Gordon (A*, 2A, B) Rachael Hurst (A*, A, B)   Emma Jones (2A*, A, B) David Kay (A*, 2A) Elizabeth Maher (A*, A, B) Adam Maskrey (2A*, 2A)   Ciara McCarron (3A) Connor Ryder (A*, A, B) Abi Smith (A*, A, B) Sam Walker (2A, B, C)  Jade Walsh (2A, B) Stevie White (2A, B) Lydia Wilson (2A*, A).

In addition Mark Cooper managed to score 598/600 marks in his A level Maths – a remarkable achievement.

Performance at this level has enabled students to progress to an impressive range of opportunities from Cambridge University (Languages), Warwick (Maths), Durham (Industrial Chemistry) and Sheffield (History, Aerospace Engineering, Psychology, Biochemistry) to Derby University (Primary Education), Chester (Midwifery) and Staffordshire (Sports Therapy). The list of Higher Education destinations for our students this year is every bit as impressive as their results.

We are absolutely delighted to see so many students do so well. Many congratulations to you all.

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