News - Westwood Sixth Form trip to Sweden.

Sweden 1Bear Grylls’ programme “The Island” is not a patch on Westwood students’ achievements! 14 students travelled to Hylte in Sweden to take part in survival training and undertake an expedition to test their endurance skills. They learnt how to light fires, chop wood and trees, hunt and fish sensitively to preserve the environment, leaving no trace of their activity. They ate wild food, including ants and grubs, and learnt survival was about teamwork and consideration before acting.  In addition, the students had to complete a short first aid course which included the Swedish CPR and Heart and Lung maintenance. Every student passed the examination and are, therefore, qualified in those techniques.

The three day expedition consisted of paddling in Canadian canoes through lakes and crossingSweden 3 the portages to reach suitable camp sites. Once there, they had to establish shelters, light fires to enable safe drinking water and the cooking of food, catch fish to eat whilst maintaining their health and cleanliness standards. In quiet moments, they embarked on certain craft skills such as carving wood into implements. Interestingly, the group witnessed how a tracking dog would follow injured people and animals, learning associated first aid techniques. 

Great fun was had by all and, particularly remarkable, was watching the girls develop from young, inexperienced people into Lara Croft lookalikes, swinging axes with confidence! The emerging teamwork was commendable and the students demonstrated genuine care for each other. The students also learnt about themselves, realising they had a great deal of resilience, ability, drive and determination to achieve all aspects of survival.  The joy of lighting a fire in the rain had to be witnessed!Sweden 2

Swedish students and staff gave up part of their holiday to support our trip, their commitment and effort were wonderful, they were kind, understanding and enabled a unique experience. The students enjoyed wonderful countryside, witnessed individual development and had an unforgettable time.

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