News - Year 10 Art students’ visit to Art Galleries.

On 05 March 2015, 52 Year 10 Art students visited two Art Galleries, Whitworth and Manchester, the work conducted in relation to the visits will feed into the students’ GCSE Art coursework.

The recently refurbished Whitworth hosted a plethora of art, textile and installation work, including pieces by two artists, Cornelia Parker and Cia Guo-Qiang, whose creations are diverse when compared.

Students were given a guided tour around the Whitworth, the group subsequently walked through Manchester to the second gallery, housed here were wonderfully impactful works such as huge vessels by artist Kate Malone. 

One of the students commented they were ‘blown away’ by the artwork on display at the Whitworth Gallery quoting ‘I’ve never been anywhere like this before, it is amazing, the artwork and the building, when I went into the room to see the Cornelia Parker’s work, I was really affected, I welled-up and felt like crying, it was so amazing’. 

Congratulations to the students who were enthusiastic and receptive throughout and conducted themselves admirably.






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