News - Year 10 Media Studies’ visit to Harry Potter Studios

Although clambering on board a coach on a dull and breezy Thursday morning might not feel exactly the same as hopping onto the Hogwarts Express on platform 9 ¾, students and staff alike could hardly contain their excitement as they headed for a tour of the Harry Potter Studios.

After watching a short film, introducing students to the sheer volume of people involved in bringing the Harry Potter magic alive, the screen rose and revealed the majestic entrance into the grand hall of Hogwarts. There was an immediate buzz of energy, excited squeals and enthusiastic ‘fist pumps’ into the air… fortunately the students managed to compose themselves far better than the staff!

The tour took students through many of the iconic sets in the Harry Potter films, showing how creativity, teamwork and the good old-fashioned art of the optical illusion can be used to create a multitude of weird and wonderful worlds, all under the one roof.

From flying over the London skyline on a broomstick, to sampling an authentic glass of butter-beer, Year 10 Media Studies students were able to experience the true magic of filmmaking.

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