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Friday 29th June saw Westwood Year Eleven students put on their finest to attend their College Prom to mark the completion of their GCSE’s and, for some, their time at Westwood College. The horrendous weather of late kindly acknowledged the event by keeping the rain clouds at bay to allow for the grand entrance down the historic Old Hall drive.

The procession varied from the traditional, glamorous limousines and stunning horse drawn carriages to a parade of vintage sport cars including a Mustang, a Ferrari and a classic Jaguar to mention a few. A few of the boys managed to ‘hitch a ride’ with local sporting hero Lee Pearson in his stylish Range Rover Evoque. Many put a modern twist on the prom transportation by arriving in campervans, on the back of trucks, in army utility vehicles and being towed down the drive in an old caravan. However the ‘pièce de résistance’ was the inventive arrival of a group of students on Segway’s. They timed it perfectly as the last ones to arrive taking advantage of the full crowd as they ‘scooted’ down the drive one by one to a massive cheer from the audience of prom guests and spectators.

After making the most of the dry spell to pose for photos around Old Hall’s picturesque surroundings the prom guests made their way inside. They were greeted with welcome drinks in the new reception and then made their way into the specially decorated hall for a buffet and disco. The DJ did a great job of filling the dance floor by playing crowd pleasers that even got a few members of staff dancing.

The students really looked the part. Boys’ dressed ranged from traditional black tie to those who put a modern twist and wore fitted suits with trainers. As for the girls, there was a real variety of designer shoes and dresses, from the classic full prom dress to cocktail and maxi dresses. All looked stunning.

A great night was had by all. Though there were a few sore feet by the end of the evening!

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