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The Drama department at Westwood College always strives to keep abreast of contemporary ideas in theatre and, this week, the Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies students pushed back the boundaries of actor/audience relationship by exploring the genre of immersive theatre.

This post- modernist approach to theatre demands the actor to challenge the audience, fully participating and finding themselves completely “immersed” in the performance, sometimes uneasy as to their role. Year 12 Immersive Theatre Performance 4Three performance groups created an extraordinary enactment set in an unusual location, inspired by their themes and chosen practitioners: one performance took place in the open air within a wooded glade in the grounds, the second was conducted virtually in complete darkness within a closed space where dim atmospheric lighting, terrifying proxemics and sound mesmerised the Year 12 Immersive Theatre Performance 2audience.

The final performance was in the girls’ toilets in Old Hall, certainly a very unusual choice for a venue, however, an extremely effective one: the cubicles became places for the actors to climb and hide, the taps providing eerie watery sound effects and the acoustics echoing the actors’ voices around the space.Year 12 Immersive Theatre Performance 6


Year 12 Immersive Theatre Performance 7




Three incredible performances which prove, once again, Westwood is at the cutting edge of contemporary theatre exploration and its students have the necessary creativity and drive to devise original work which excites and challenges its audience.

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