News - Year 13 P.E. Exercise Physiology Workshop

Year 13 A2 and BTEC students had the opportunity to visit Staffordshire University’s Sports Science department and undertake fitness testing in their exercise physiology laboratories.

Each of the courses entail fitness and field testing in College, however, the students experienced more sophisticated laboratory based testing programmes.

PE During the afternoon, students established their maximal oxygen uptake (V02 Max) or aerobic capacity using both an Indirect Astrand Test where students’ heart rates predict this uptake and a Direct Maximal test on a treadmill where Calum Heath and Will Weston ran to exhaustion point.

Anaerobic capacity was then assessed through a Wingate Test, this being a 30 second ‘all out’ cycling test measuring how with much lactic acid the body can cope, Jack Mallen and Matt Knight feeling quite sick for some time afterwards.

In the afternoon,  a comparison of two tests for body composition were undertaken via Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis which, in a more simplistic form, is available in many gyms, and through the BodPod, a gold standard piece of equipment in body composition measurement.

Finally, Tate Walker and Harley Dennison tested their maximum strength through Isokinetic Dynamometry to ascertain the power of their hamstrings and quads. Almost all the students experienced the vertical jump test using the force platform to record time in the air. HD

Thank you to Staffordshire University and their Sports Science students for running this event for Westwood College.

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