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Westwood College Comenius exchange to Denizli Turkey – March 2012

As part of the Comenius 2011-2013 project four Westwood sixth students; Mikey Colbert, Josh Roberts, Fran Powell and Sam Webster travelled to Denizli to live with host families and experience the life and culture of young people of a similar age living in Turkey. They were joined on the trip by Romanian, Sicilian and Polish staff and students. These were also members of the Comenius project keen to broaden the horizons and improve the English speaking skills of their students. Previous Visits have been already held in Poland in October and Leek in December. The theme of all the visits is ‘practical and logical mathematics’, with the view that good practice of teaching Mathematics could be shared across partner schools.

Westwood staff members Alexandra Hay and Christine McFadden commented on the hospitality of the Turkish teachers who made both staff and students feel very welcome in their school.  

As part of the Maths theme the students took part in a ‘logical games marathon’ of mixed nationality teams. Westwood students Mikey Colbert and Josh Roberts won their heat, with Mikey being crowned the overall winner.  Fran Powell designed a logo for the project, this won second place which further added to their success.


Mikey winning the games marathon and the project logo created by Fran






Westwood Psychology teacher Alexandra Hay being welcomed to the school by the headteacher




One of the highlights of the trip for Miss Hay was the opportunity to observe a Psychology lesson which was taught in Turkish and English. Psychology is apparently just as popular in Turkish schools as it is at Westwood. 

In addition to the tour of the school and Maths challenge on the first day students and staff were taken on a tour of the city. During this tour we were filmed by a local news crew and Fran and Mikey were interviewed. They were asked about the Comenius project and why it is important. They both stated that it is a wonderful opportunity to experience different ways of life and celebrate out similarities and differences with other nationalities.

Fran and Mikey being interviewed by local news crew







Students and staff were welcomed to the school in celebratory style including traditional dancing and sweets






The following day we visited some sites of historical and archaeological significance. This was of particular interest for Mikey, Sam and Josh as theyall currently study AS Archaeology at Westwood.

 Group photo by Pamukkale travertines


Mikey Colbert, Sam Webster, Josh Roberts, Fran Powell, Alexandra Hay and Chris McFadden







The following day we all travelled down Marmaris on the coast

Whilst at the coast we all went on a boat trip called the ‘natural aquarium’ which boasted such clear waters we could see fish and turtles. We were then given time in Marmaris to shop. The following day we visited Epheses Ancient city which was extremely impressive and our archaeology students wished we could have spent longer there.


Highlights of the trip for the students included, staying in a 5* hotel in Marmaris and swimming in the pool, turtle spotting on the boat trip, eating the local food, drinking Turkish tea and eating Turkish delight, getting soaked by an unexpectedly wet cave and paddling in thermal water in the sunshine. Josh Roberts was also very flattered when his host partner’s mother drove for 3 hours just to meet him, and his partner gave hjm his prayer beads which he wore for the whole trip.


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