News - Freshers Fayre

On October 7th Westwood College held their  annual Freshers Fayre. The  aim of the Fayre is to help new students to settle into their new surroundings and meet as many new people as possible.

The Freshers’ Fayre is a really good place for students to find out about the clubs on offer within the college.  It is also an invaluable way that local business and organisations can promote what they do to a very captive audience.

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council certainly had the ‘X Factor’ with their Voting campaign.  Leek Police were on hand to offer safety advice.  Their  bottle protectors went down a treat with the students.  Burning issues you were raised by the “Bclear” Chlamydia team.

Contour Leek had lots of clients with their free hair doo’s. Amy from the Zumba class held at Westwood gave out money off classes vouchers. Plus many more things to see and do. The feedback from the students has been overwhelming.  Many picked up valuable advice and lots of goodies.

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